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Macintyre Transport is the Latest Litter-Free Hero

July 7, 2021
Macintyre Transport and other Operators showing their litter free pledge

Macintyre Transport have taken up the mantle to become the latest member of Litter-free Roads and Laybys.

Macintyre Transport has joined a core group of fellow hauliers and suppliers across the UK in committing to signing the Litter-Free Roads and Laybys pledge.

The campaign, run by a busy group with over 1000 members, launched nationally earlier this year and has ambitious plans to tackle litter on our UK roads and laybys.

Macintyre Transport are committed to their values of raising greater awareness of littering through a combination of signage, education, lobbying for facilities and litter-picking in littering blackspots.

The main aims and objectives of the Litter-Free Roads and Laybys pledge are:

  1. To raise awareness of the littering issues on major UK roads & laybys
  2. To unite all hauliers & road users to educate drivers of the dangers of littering to prevent a recurrence
  3. To persuade the relevant authorities to remove old litter
  4. To highlight particular areas (laybys) requiring increased bins and/or facilities

Macintyre Transport lead the way.

Piers Kilfoyle, Macintyre Transport General Manager, says:

“It’s our duty as a heavyweight in the haulage industry to step up and do everything we can to look after the environment and protect our UK wildlife.

The Litter-free Roads and Laybys pro-active campaign is something that Macintyre Transport can really get behind and we’re proud to sign up to the groups litter-free pledge.

We’ve agreed to enhance signage at our depots, and encourage and promote awareness of this issue among our staff and colleagues within the industry. We hope our pledge will inspire others in the industry to follow suit.”

Littering is a national problem.

Littering is a national problem, and HGV drivers are in a central position as road users to really make a difference. Macintyre Transport will be a driving force for change and education on this issue. We plan to lobby authorities for more bins and toilet facilities along major routes to help combat the problem.

Litter-Free Roads and Laybys

Debbie Bartlett, Founder of Litter-Free Roads and Laybys, says:

“Community volunteer groups like Litter-Free Felixstowe (LFF) in Suffolk have successfully cleaned up public spaces that are easily accessible to individuals. However, tackling the problems on major roads is much more difficult, which is why we welcome support from major hauliers like Macintyre Transport raising awareness and uniting members of the port community.”

The Logistics Industry is united in its support for Litter Free Roads and Laybys, and Macintyre Transport is proud to be leading the way as part of this National Campaign.