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Press Release: Macintyre Joins the ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ Campaign

September 13, 2021

Macintyre Transport is proud to support Goldstar’s ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ Campaign to improve the industry for HGV Drivers.

The UK Transport industry has led the way through Brexit and countless lockdowns, keeping our country running under extreme pressures. Drivers deserve access to clean, working facilities, hot fresh food and a secure location to park up.

Our staff and partners deserve a safe and secure network of parking. We call on the Government to implement minimum standards for HGV rest stops which include lighting, fencing, CCTV and facilities to enable our drivers to stay safe while they complete their jobs. Many services are at critical utilisation and drivers are being forced to park elsewhere.

We all know there is a shortage of HGV drivers, and one reason for this is the negative public perception of the industry as well as drivers feeling undervalued. Providing drivers with suitable facilities relative to the number of HGV spaces, to enable them to have comfortable overnight rest, is an essential step towards improving driver morale, industry perception, and overall road safety.

Piers Kilfoyle, General Manager at Macintyre Transport had this to say:

“The fact is, every driver in the industry has a horror story to tell about lack of security or sub-par facilities at rest stops. It’s our responsibility as employers to push for improvements – it’s the only way that we’re going to improve the reputation of the industry, halt the flow of drivers leaving and get more people interested in HGV driving as a career.

Did you know the ‘CCTV’ advertised at HGV Parking facilities is more often than not for parking fees enforcement rather than security? We pay to use these facilities so it’s only fair we question what our money is paying for. Everyone in the industry needs to get on board with this one.”

We don’t want to tar all rest stops and MSA’s with the same brush and many designated HGV stops go above and beyond for their customers. We welcome Goldstar’s plan to reward services with a gold star accreditation if they meet these simple standards.

The bottom line is all designated HGV stops need adequate facilities that reflect the number of HGV’s they can hold – and lighting, fencing, CCTV and appropriate security and the UK Government needs to provide support for businesses to do this.

“The media is just catching up to what those of us in the industry have known for years. Brexit, IR35 and the Covid-19 crisis are just the latest in a number of long-standing barriers to entry into the UK haulage industry. The current driver crisis proves that we need to encourage new and returning drivers, and we believe that a key part of this is ensuring improved minimum standards for all HGV Parking Facilities.”


We need to take action – our industry and our drivers deserve so much better.

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  • Macintyre Transport has joined Goldstar Transport’s Campaign for ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’
  • Drivers deserve access to clean, working facilities, hot fresh food and a secure location to park up.
  • The Government needs to implement minimum standards for HGV rest stops as part of the drive to recruit and retain drivers.
  • Thefts from HGV’s is a national issue and a highly organised crime.
  • Many HGV stops and MSA’s are at or near capacity already. The UK Government acknowledged there was a problem as far back as 2013 but nothing has been done.
  • We want to celebrate the good rest stops – we need them. Locations that meet the required standards will get a gold star accreditation as recognition. We’re putting pressure on the Government to improve standards.
  • All HGV parking facilities need to install CCTV for crime prevention or hire security.

Any media enquiries please contact

Piers Kilfoyle, General Manager Macintyre Transport

Mobile: 07958 484115